With the holiday season just around the corner, traveling back home to celebrate the festivities with family, or planning a vacation to savor the vibrant nightlife and luxurious dinners, the thought of traveling without jewelry is out of the question. However, traveling with jewelry can be pretty daunting. Weeks-long planning is required to decide what jewelry pieces to take along while traveling to complement the outfits well.

Mentioned below are some of the major problems you might face while traveling with jewelry.

  • Wearing jewelry can attract pickpockets and thieves like magnets toward you.
  • There is a strong possibility of losing your expensive jewelry as it is difficult to keep track of your valuables effectively when you are traveling.
  • The necklaces, bangles, and anklets can get tangled or knotted up.

Worried about how to avoid these problems? We’ve got you. No worries. Listed below are some of the tips and tricks to make traveling with jewelry manageable.

Be realistic about your needs for the trip

The idea of carrying your expensive pieces of jewelry with you sounds pretty tempting, however, it is best to leave these valuable items at home in a safe place. It is imperative to figure out what outfits you will be wearing and where you will be wearing them. Once that is sorted, deciding what jewelry to bring along with you becomes quite easy. Dangling earrings, studs, hoops, a couple of bracelets and watches offer a lot of versatility. The saying, ‘less is more’ seems true in this scenario.

It is all about packing your jewelry right

Once you have decided what jewelry to take with you on your vacation, the next step is to pack it right. There are multiple ways to organize and pack your necklaces, bracelets, studs, and hoops in a hassle-free way. A few hacks a listed down to ensure the safety and protection of your valuables.

  • Loop necklaces through tissue paper rolls or straws to avoid tangling and knotting up.
  • A pill box can be very useful in organizing your bracelets, anklets, rings, and studs.
  • A pearl folder can be great for protecting large pieces of jewelry from abrasions and scratches.
  • Carrying a travel jewelry box is another effective way of handling your precious items with care.

Keep your jewelry close at all times

It is important to keep your jewelry well-protected and close to you at all times. When flying, make sure to put all your valuables in your handbag/purse. Wearing your jewelry is also one of the ways to keep it extra secure. It is advised never to leave your important pieces of jewelry unattended in a suitcase or a bag. Make sure to double-check whether you have kept all your pieces in your handbag before checking out of a hotel as it can be pretty daunting to return home and find your favorite bracelet or ring missing.

Conclusion A little planning goes a long way. I am sure by taking these tips into account and thinking it through, you have the best chance of enjoying a smooth trip.